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May 2021

A little over 119 days ago, Cardiology Greeting Cards set out on a mission to uplift all Healthcare workers — from doctor to porter — with handwritten cards of appreciation.

Our goal of 20, 000 was hit and we knew from the first batch of cards that our work in this area would continue.

That’s why it gives us great honour to reveal that The Flash Group — insert descriptor — has partnered with us to continue spreading this much needed upliftment to our essential healthcare workforce.

Benita Enoch, MD of Cardiology Greeting Cards says. “Just as predicted, we’re in the third wave. For 500 days, our essential and valuable healthcare workers have pitched up to save lives and hundreds have paid the ultimate price. Our cards were always designed to intersect the trauma of repeated loss with heartfelt, authentic appreciation. The Flash Group gets it. They, like Cardiology, are a company for the people and we’re grateful to be continuing our drive to appreciate our #HealthcareHeroes.

The Flash Group responded to Cardiology’s appreciation drive with R150,000 worth of airtime and uber eats meal vouchers.

“Flash immediately connected the dots between how our healthcare workers were using their own airtime to make those deeply tragic “last calls” to remaining family members so they could say a final goodbye. Their response has so deeply touched our hearts and through my personal work with healthcare workers, I can assure you, this gift has touched their hearts too.”

Sihlo D, [] of the Flash Group said the addition of an uber eats voucher was to give healthcare workers the neccesary time to eat a meal and connect with the goodness that surrounds them, especially on dark days. “Insert quote”

Attention News Editors

For Immediate Release

10 March 2021

Cardiology Greeting Cards will not be threatened with cancel culture tactics for it’s support of the same-sex community.

On [date], Benita Enoch, MD of Cardiology Greeting Cards received a message on her personal phone condemning the company’s support of same-sex couples and  being threatened with having support for the company revoked if she did not bend to the demand of excluding this community from a line of greeting cards.

“Let me be clear. Cardiology Greeting Cards has our mission upfront… We are culturally inclusive. We will cater for every community South African’s find ourselves in, except for one. We will never support the community of cyber bullies who use religion to spread their hatred.”

Cardiology Greeting Cards is a South African social sentiments brand that caters to all communities and which produces cards in all 11 official languages.

The company is working on bringing Braille cards in that builds meaningful connection for the sight impaired.


A Durban organisation has decided to give the public a chance to say thank you to COVID-19 frontline healthcare workers. eNCA’s Mawande Kheswa reports.

Press Coverage

Nandi Tshabala and Uveka Rangapa interview Benita Enoch, MD of Cardiology Cards, on the #HealthcareHero Appreciation campaign.

Espresso show presenter Graeme Richards talks to Benita Enoch, MD of Cardiology Cards about the company and our #HealthcareHero Appreciation drive.

A Durban organisation has decided to give the public a chance to say thank you to COVID-19 frontline healthcare workers. eNCA’s Mawande Kheswa reports.

by Brent Lindeque

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Cardiology Cards is a culturally inclusive, linguistically diverse social sentiments brands.
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We are ambassadors of authentic appreciation. Using our knowledge in the field of Applied Psychology, we have developed talks on Meaningful Connection in the Workplace, The Art of Appreciation, Leading Through Appreciation and Yes, Take it Personally which covers the connection between our positive traits and our workplace productivity.
Benita, is a well-known former news anchor who has made several television appearances to talk further on these topics. Her engagement style is personable and empathetic. She incorporates her knowledge in Applied Psychology, with her training in life-changing courses like Nancy Kline's Time to Think, to bring this empowering knowledge to corporate managers who aspire to be better leaders. Email her directly for the remaining available dates for 2021.
Benita Enoch, MD of Cardiology Greeting Cards, writing appreciation cards to healthcare workers
Benita Enoch
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