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Cultural Inclusivity · Linguistic Diversity


It’s a heart thing!

Look around your common shops and you’ll see the same out-of-touch greeting cards that come in English and Afrikaans
and that cover western traditions.

At Cardiology Cards, we’re all about authentic appreciation, and part of being authentic is being inclusive.
We know the power of love to lift up the human spirit. 
We live for that s%#!

Inclusive and Diverse

South Africans are diverse, beautifully vibrant, trendy AF and deserve to have social sentiments that match.

In June 2019, we set out to bring cultural inclusivity and linguistic diversity to greeting cards in South Africa.

Why? Because there is great societal healing that takes place when communities see themselves reflected in everyday products.

Greeting Cards needed to be transformed in South Africa and we’ve risen to the occasion.


There are three arms to Cardiology Cards



You'll find us at stores that reflect our inclusive values. If you think we'd be a perfect match, drop Benita an email.



Authentic Appreciation in the workplace shores up your Relationship Capital. Find out why Platinum Life and others love our service.



Our online shop is abundantly stocked. Here, you can order custom and regular cards, opt to PIY (print it yourself) or have us handle everything.


Cardiology Cards works to supply culturally inclusive and linguistically diverse social sentiments to all South Africans. We pursue the levels of excellence that make us role models to the rest of the world.


We are pioneers in the social sentiments sector in South Africa.
Using eCommerce, Retail and Corporate avenues, the authentic appreciation of others is now more accessible than ever before.
What have we pioneered? Glad you asked!

A Indian grandmother holding a CoSign by Cardiology

CoSign by Cardiology

The world's first contact-less group card to be authentically signed by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Healthcare Heroes

In response to Covid-19, every month, we address handwritten cards to frontline workers to show appreciation. We've worked with fantastic brands, like The Flash Group, to accomplish this good for society. Contact us if you'd like to partner on this world-first iniative.


Print it Yourself is an option that saves you on delivery fees, while giving you the same access to custom or regular cards.

Cardiology is an eco-conscious company.
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